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CAF Achievements in 2016

In 2016, CAUSE Action Fund endorsed candidates and ballot measures throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and worked to get out the vote in working-class immigrant neighborhoods across the region.  We had conversations at the door or on the phone with over 30,000 local young, Latino, and working-class voters and identified over 20,000 supporters for our endorsed candidates and measures.  

Our top priorities were passing Props 55, 56, and 57, which invested billions of dollars into public education and healthcare for Californians by taxing tobacco companies and millionaires and redirected billions away from overcrowded prisons towards rehabilitation and education.  The Million Voters Project, our statewide coalition that worked to pass these initiatives, was the largest field campaign in the state in 2016, and CAUSE Action Fund was the largest local campaign in the MVP coalition.

Out of 39 endorsed candidates and ballot measures, 31 were carried to victory with our help!

Over 450 volunteers and grassroots leaders were involved in our endorsement process interviewing candidates and knocking on thousands of doors in their neighborhoods to gain support for our endorsement slate and get out the vote.

We also registered over 1,000 new voters, with a special focus on Santa Maria where only 3 in 5 eligible voters are registered.  We passed policies in the Oxnard Union High School District and Santa Maria Joint Union High School District that gave all high school students two opportunities to register to vote in class before they graduate!



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