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CAUSE Action Fund Endorsements for 2018

Below are CAUSE's endorsements for the November 2018 election, focused on our core cities of Oxnard, Santa Maria, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Santa Paula.


Santa Maria City Council

District 3: Gloria Soto

District 4: Rafa Gutierrez


Oxnard City Council

District 2: Carmen Ramirez

District 5: Gabriela Basua

District 6: Vianey Lopez


Ventura City Council

District 1: Sofia Rubalcava

District 5: Marie Lakin

District 6: Lorrie Brown


Santa Paula City Council

Jenny Crosswhite

Andy Soybel


Goleta City Council

James Kyriaco


Santa Barbara Unified School District Board

Rosemary Muñoz

Ismael Paredes Ulloa


Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

Diana Perez


Santa Maria Bonita School District

Abraham Melendrez


Oxnard Union High School District

Karen Sher

Beatriz Herrera

Wayne Edmonds


Ventura Unified School District

District 1: Anthony Krzywicki


Santa Paula Unified School District

Jeri Brandt Mead

Derek-Jordan Ray Luna


Allan Hancock College Board

District 3: Jesse Ramirez


Santa Barbara City College Board (endorsement only, no field)

District 5: Darcel Elliot


Ventura County Community College District Board

District 1: Arthur “AJ” Valenzuela



Santa Maria:

Yes on Measure Y- Bond Measure for Renovating Fine Arts Buildings, Athletic, and Computer Graphics Buildings and Programs

Yes on Measure U- Sales Tax to fund the Police Dept., Fire Dept., Youth Services, and Quality of Life Public Services

Santa Barbara:

Yes on Measure B- Switch City Elections to Even-Numbered Years to Align with General Election

Yes on Measure C- Appointment Process for City Council Vacancies Under District Elections



Santa Barbara County:

Yes on Measure G - County Ordinance to Form a Citizens’ Redistricting Commission

No on Measure H - Santa Barbara County Residents for Independent Redistricting Commission


State Ballot Propositions

Yes on Prop 1

Yes on Prop 2

Yes on Prop 3

Yes on Prop 4

No on Prop 5

No on Prop 6

Yes on Prop 8

Yes on Prop 10

No on Prop 11

Yes on Prop 12


State Assembly

35th Assembly District: Bill Ostrander

37th Assembly District: Monique Limon


US Congress

24th District: Salud Carbajal

26th District: Julia Brownley


CA Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

US Senate: Kevin De Leon



About Our Endorsement Process

As a grassroots political organization, we hold a grassroots endorsement process.  Our grassroots leaders are local community members involved as volunteers year-round who work on issues from immigrant rights to affordable housing to environmental justice.  They're ordinary people doing extraordinary things, from farmworkers to high school students.  


First our grassroots committees in Oxnard, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Santa Paula come together to identify which elections are most important to them and discuss the most important issues in their community.  We invite candidates in those targeted races to fill out a written questionnaire, and then interview face to face with our committee members, who ask about the issues that affect them most, as well as the candidate's campaign plans, community involvement, and viability to win.

After interviewing all the candidates, the committee votes on who to endorse, and works to get out the vote in their neighborhoods by knocking on doors and talking to voters directly.  Learning about a local election directly from a trusted neighbor volunteering with a community group is far more valuable to most voters than robo-calls or glossy-mailers.  We talk to thousands of voters every election in the Central Coast's working-class immigrant neighborhoods and have proven results of raising voter turnout in the most underrepresented communities and winning elections.


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