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Right-Wing Recall Fails in Oxnard!

Oxnard is the largest and most diverse community in our region and has been a progressive leader on issues like adopting a Safe City resolution to stand with immigrants against Trump, defeating a proposal to build a polluting fossil fuel power plant, and moving to district elections to give more representation for South Oxnard.

In 2018, Oxnard voters beat back a right-wing power grab funded by deep-pocketed interests who wanted to undermine these progressive victories and advance an agenda of privatization and corporate power.

Aaron Starr, a wealthy conservative, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to buy himself a seat on Oxnard City Council in recent years.  Despite spending several times more than his opponents, he’s always lost.  His latest attempt was funding an ultra-low-turnout recall election where he and his conservative allies could have a chance at winning despite being far out of touch with the majority of Oxnard voters.  But CAUSE Action Fund worked to get out the vote in South Oxnard to fight back.

He attacked the city’s tough but responsible choice to repair Oxnard’s crumbling wastewater infrastructure.  Starr's attempt to use Oxnard's crisis for his own political gain would have endangered public health and our environment by either letting Oxnard’s sewer system fall apart, or putting the city into bankruptcy by failing to fund the repairs.

Check out our video about the campaign to learn more.

The recall proponents hoped that they would be able to get elected while most of Oxnard wasn't paying attention.  But they were wrong.  The people of Oxnard voted against the recall.  Oxnard voters proved once again that they can't be bought, and will vote for the candidates who reflect their values, not who spends the most money.


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